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Sat, 5th Dec. 2009, 00:34
Dear Kate,

Dear Kate,

Yes, I may as well just cut to the chase and address this damned thing to the only person I think would read it anymore. Also, because I think you have some RSS voodoo on it.

Just a quick update. I'm going back overseas and will hence be updating this thing again.

No promises, of course. Indeed, me saying I will update it is the surest sign that I won't. I have some kind of subconscious perversity in that regard; I am just determined to thwart myself.

What's that you say, Kate? Where am I going? Well... we open in Chicago, we next play Toronto then onto Boston (lots of tea in Boston). Our next stop is Washington, then dreary cheery NYC, then LA then San Fran but first up... Chicago.

What? That didn't even remotely fit the metre of the song I'm thinking of? Shut up. I didn't call you out for being sexy and smart at the same time, so I'd appreciate it if you'd leave my flaws off the table as well.

Anyway, boringly enough, I'm going for recreation rather than work so I can't regale you with tales of all the good I do (though I am planning to go into a Walmart to tell people to eat less and exercise more - what a saint I am!). On the plus side, I don't have to censor what I do between 9am and 5pm - so I can give excruciatingly detailed accounts about how I spent two hours staring at a Seurat, just to beat Mia Sara at her own game.

It's been a long time between drinks (in all senses of the term actually) so I'll probably be a bit rusty and doomed to failure but we'll give it a red hot go and hopefully go down fighting. Or at least making overtures that I intend to fight. OR telling you to tell your friends that I said I'd fight.

I can already see complications. I'll be using a netbook which has chutti chutti keys which gives me a headache to think about and I'll be offline for large stretches.

Six hours till I leave for the airport; sleep is advisable.

Fri, 4th Dec. 2009 22:34 (UTC)

Ah G, on this morning of thirty-something-lady domesticity you crack me up. Yes I have RSS voodoo, some call it failing to delete friends from Netvibes, but voodoo is so much cooler.

Anyway the tour sounds fun, and I'm sorry I can't be there to act as your wingman because clearly you will need help from a greying mother of preschooler who is half way through making mince tarts for the in laws, I could have been the woman that inspired the folks of Chicago to say "He's cute, but why did he bring that embarassing old aunty?".